Traceroute reply with Loopback IP

How to configure a router such that it always replies to a traceroute from its loopback0 address? The following configuration will allow a router to reply to the traceroute using it’s Loopback0 interface ip address:

interface Loopback0
ip address
ip nat outside
interface Loopback10
ip address
ip nat inside
ip policy route-map LOCAL-DIVERT
ip nat inside source list TRACEROUTE
interface Loopback0 overload
ip access-list extended TRACEROUTE
permit icmp any any port-unreachable
permit icmp any any time-exceeded
ip local policy route-map LOCAL-POLICY
route-map LOCAL-POLICY
permit 10 match ip address TRACEROUTE
set ip next-hop
route-map LOCAL-DIVERT permit 10
set ip next-hop


Source: Big Evil

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